Friday, October 09, 2009


Nobel Peace Prize to Obama? Ho Chi Minh and Henry Kissinger were doubtful. Jimmy Carter was a brain malfunction. Al Gore was a joke. Now we know that the Nobel Prizes are totally valueless. First I saw that a prize was given to someone because there were not enough women receiving prizes in the physical sciences. Now the Prize Committee is awarding the prize in an apparent effort to influence the future policies of an American President who hasn't done anything except utter meaningless platitudes about universal peace.

Obama is the American Neville Chamberlin. He is selling out the American people just like Chamberlin sold out the peoples of Central Europe. It was politically popular with his constituency at the time but led inevitably led to war. We are bound into a wider war if current policies are not quickly reversed. There is evil in the world and Obama seems to be ready to give into it.

Now I have violated my intention to keep my politics out of this blog and guess that will never change.

Now I am going out of town again and not taking my computer. Next post in a few weeks.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


It has been almost two months since I posted in this blog. There are a variety of reasons for that. One of them is that I have been in a funk ever since I got back from Jamaica in July. I am going through a mid life crisis. At least I hope it is midlife. That means I could live to be 136. I wonder how bad my arthritis would be by that age. I need to find a new career. If anyone knows of a job that involves high pay and not much work that doesn't involve grand larceny or politics, let me know. But then I repeat myself. Another reason is that my family has gotten me onto facebook. Most of my time on the computer is devoted to face book and its offshoots but it is an interesting way to keep in touch. I have 40 friends and could have many more. It take a lot of time.

I will try to post more often when I am home and keep this blog free of political screeds.

Friday, August 14, 2009


One of the greatest pleasures of being retired is to get up in the morning and listen to the traffic reports and the problems people are having getting to work, and then going back to bed. The last real job I had, it was necessary to cross a number of bridges and go through at least one tunnel twice a day. Even ten years ago the traffic was getting noticeably worse on an almost daily basis. A minor accident and the roads were grid locked.

On Wednesday one of the tunnels was closed because it flooded in a thunderstorm at rush hour. It took hours to get the roads unsnarled. There is a trolley line under construction, but I doubt if it will do anything to help. Metro rail was supposed to relieve the Washington traffic. The only thought I have is about how terrible it would be without the Metro.

Retirement is getting boring, but any attempt I make about finding something to do has to consider my commute. In the meantime I will just sit here and gloat and maybe have another cool one. Have a nice weekend, unless you want to go through the Hampton Roads Tunnel which is already at all stop at noon on this fine Friday Summer day, both directions.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Yesterday, I went to the Tides baseball game. The home team won and I got a ball from the game. There weren't that many people there and many left during the 90 minute rain delay. The surprise was that I checked the weather report before I left home and there was no mention of rain.

Now I see that a Virginia Beach post office is on the list of possible closings. This is still the biggest city in Virginia and still growing. I know the Post Office needs to contract but why not in some of the rural areas that are losing population.

Now I see that I am considered part of a mob because I've attended some political rallys to oppose Obama's policies. Maybe the Man is getting some of his own back from his community organizer days.

Then I want to know what Clinton promised the runt Kim to release those two journalists who were where they had no business being. It seems that Clinton is in a competition with Carter for the worst ex-president in our history.

I shouldn't be surprised , but I am.

Sunday, August 02, 2009


I woke up this morning about 1130 AM and thought about what I needed to accomplish today. The answer was, nothing. That is a typical day in my retired life. At least when I go to bed at night, I can feel satisfied that I have accomplished everything that I set out to do that day.

Yesterday was typical of my days at home this year. I rose about noon, put on a bathing suit and a T shirt and thought about going for a walk on the beach. Instead I played with my computer, answered some e-mail, had something to eat and took a nap. Then I had some lunch, read a book, took another nap.

About 7 PM, I took a shower, shaved and put on some real clothes and went next door to watch a ball game. I saw that the ChiSox beat the Yankees 14-4 and decided I didn't want to watch another ball game and ESPN was showing extreme skate boarding. So I came back read some more and took another nap. About 2230 (10:30 PM for you civilians) I went back next door to listen to the band and then stayed until last call. When I came home I ate a sandwich and went to bed.

Today promises to be a repeat of yesterday, except that I think I really will go to the beach this afternoon. And then I have my customary Great Chic's Beach Pub Crawl on Sunday evening where I visit each of the 4 Local bars for at least one drink and try to watch the sunset from the deck at Alexander's.

Friday, July 31, 2009


The Obama's "Cash for Clunkers" is a "wild success" in that all the money is gone in less than a week. Oh really? Where has this done anyone else any good. I have already heard stories in my local that indicate that some of the Chic's Beach wise guys have worked a scam on the program. The reaction of Congress appears to be add more money.

We now have the Health Care Reform package which seems to have a provision in it that anyone with Medicare over a certain age will be required to submit to an "End of Life Review" aimed at rationing certain kinds of medical care and imposing conditions on continuing care, like weight loss, regular exercise, stop drinking and no smoking. Although I think maybe Pot and Crack would be exempted from the smoking ban.

Why stop there? At my current age near 70 and in good health, I have now become a burden on the Nation. I figure that with my military pension, social security, medical insurance other benefits and income, I figure that I cost the government annually about $100,000. I have a potential life span of 20 years. That amounts to $ 2 million. All of that would be a direct charge to the government. The taxes I would pay don't amount to that much.

Obama, Pelosi, Reid can propose a new program. They can call it "Cash for Geezers". Under the program the heirs of pensioners could deliver their older than 70 years family members to government "comfort stations" in return for a cash payment of 10% of anticipated government payments over their actuarial life expectancy. To qualify the geezers would have to be in good health and have a substantial remaining life expectancy. The government would then dispose of those useless members of society in a dignified and painless way with enormous savings to Social security and pension funds.

Of course, union members, politicians and selected individuals would be exempt from the program.

You don't think it could happen here! Take a look at the Dutch law about "Death with Dignity".

Thursday, June 11, 2009


My family is dragging me, kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Last week they got me to sign up on face book and now I have a least 50 friends and another major time waster to fill my retirement years. Maybe what I really need is a job. Does anyone know of a position that pays a lot and isn't a lot of work?

I guess with six adult children, nine grandchildren and assorted inlaws, outlaws, cousins, etc. that makes a big network. But it does make a wonderful way to keep in touch with my extended family.

So I have make a point of keeping up with this blog or it will just waste away.

Monday, June 01, 2009


It's June already and the Summer seems to be slipping by already. I am not on the beach as much as in past years, but I do try to make it at least once a day. Sunsets can be really spectacular because the Sun sets over the dust and haze of the Virginia Peninsula and turns the clouds many colors. Also, except for a few hours on weekend afternoons, there are very few people on the beach. I can be, sometimes, almost like having a private island. This area is a small peninsula east of the Amphibious base with the Bay on one side and the western section of the Lynnhaven river on the other. Any attempt to promote this area by the realtors, developers or restaurant people is resisted by the locals.

Last weekend Peggy brought her family to camp at Seashore State Park and I spent some time with them. We went to the Tides baseball game on Sunday. You can see photos on her blog. This Sat Ed came over for some burgers and we hung out for a while. Sunday I went to a cookout at James' place in outer nowhere, Va. Beach. Today he is off to Seattle to work on a ship in Bremerton for about six weeks. Tomorrow I am going to Jacksonville to visit Kathy and attend Patrick's High School graduation. How time flies! Next weekend is probably a Beach weekend.

Love to all, Dad

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Most days I wake up and after figuring out what day this is, I try to figure out what I have to do that day. Most days, that is nothing. At least when I go to bed on those days, I can have the satisfaction of having fully accomplished everything that I needed to do all day.

Today something different. Ed and I took a boat out from the Carefree Boat Club and spent a few hours on Chesapeake Bay and the Lynnhaven River. It was a beautiful day, even though cool and breezy.

In the narrows of the river we were escorted by some dolphins. This was the furthest up the river I have seen them.

The winds and seas were too strong to stay out on the bay but we had a good time in the river.

We then went to lunch at one of the local waterfront restaurants. I think I can handle retirement.

I like being out of the Bunker.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


The bunker has its advantages. I got my resupply and the weather was fine for last night's baseball game and I was able to visit with my friends but today it is raining hard, blowing a full gale and cold for May. Where is global warming when you want it? The bunker has some advantages. At least it is dry and snug and no one is around to bother me.

Next week is Memorial day weekend and the weather is forecast to improve and be more seasonal.

I think I'll take another nap and rest up for the holiday.

Love to all

Friday, May 15, 2009


After the Homeland Security Department put out the warnings on dangerous extreme right wingers, I thought it prudent to disappear from sight for a while. Spring has finally arrived and it is very hard to do the things I think of as fun, like attend the local AAA baseball games and walk on the beach, from the bunker.

So last weekend I went up to Mechanicsville to take in a Soccer game and a T-ball game and visit with the Richmond outpost. Today I need to go for supplies at the grocery store. Then tomorrow I will be going to see the Tides play ball and next week I will take a boat out on the Bay for the first time this spring if the weather stays fine.

My friends tell me that the roundups will probably not be done until after the Obama equivalent of the Reichstag fire, sometime before the next congressional election. The hyperinflation and government confiscations to destroy the middle class are already in progress.

My plans for the summer are to visit Florida for Patrick's high school graduation in early June, and then two weeks in Jamaica in July. I am also looking for some work but this is not the time to do that. Maybe I'll see if they want someone at the beach to rent out the chairs and umbrellas.

I'll write again the next time I stick my head out.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I'm back! I had to come back because I have to figure out how to pay my income tax and my credit cards were starting to get declined. So I have to spend some time at home living within my budget. I may have to actually find a job to supplement my income. The problem is that with the current tax code, the government will take at least half of every additional dollar up front.

I had a great time though. Even with the bad knees I enjoyed my little voyage and saw some new territory. It wasn't all water.

I always go off with all these ambitious plans and then don't carry them out. Some of this is laziness, but this time I really got hurt in a fall on a boat and wrecked my knees. I could barely walk. It was getting better but the cortisone shot from the Orthopedist did the trick and I feel much better. Now I just have to make sure I don't injure myself again because I still have the Arthritis in both knees.

The doctor told me that I would take a lot of strain off he knees if I lost about 50 lbs. Yeah, like that's going to happen.

More tomorrow, maybe.

Sunday, February 08, 2009


Now that we have had our hard frost, 20 degrees F or -4 C for you others, spring is here and all the summer bugs will appear. It should be 70 F (18 C) this afternoon. Of course, we could use another hard frost in about a week to kill off a whole generation of breeders.

The big news is that by the end of this week the pitchers and catchers will report for SPRING TRAINING. The first workout for most teams will be Monday Feb. 16 and then by the end of the month Spring training will be in full action. I had hoped to be able to catch some of the exhibition games this year, but I will have to be in Tortola by the time of the first game. OH bummer! I am sure that I am getting all kinds of sympathy from anyone who may look at this post. Well, in the words of the Brooklyn Dodgers fans "Wait 'til next year".

At least I will be insulated from that craziness in Washington. Might it occur to our congressional representatives that any person who wants a a/d converter box for their TV already has one. Graig's list and e-bay are already full of them for sale by those trying to make a fast buck off another gov giveaway program. I don't want one and I won't get one. I only use my TV now to play Cd's(the sound is good enough for me) and DVDs.

As for the stimulus package, does anyone really think that the 5,000 laid off by Bill Gates at Microsoft are going out to learn how to run front end loaders and road graders? There is a lot more garbage in that thing but I have to close now. If I really get on my soap box, I could go on for hours and I have to get back to the boat show.

I was there yesterday and there are several cruisering trawlers of the type I want in the price range I am looking for. Prices on older boats are coming down fast.

But don't worry kids, I will not spend all your money on a boat, at least not this week.

I will have more to say before I leave.

Love to all.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I'm back! Been back about 10 days and not entirely sure that I want to be back, but I did miss my family and friends, even though I haven't had a lot of time to see them. I am back out of here next week and this time I will be going to see my daughter Kathy and her family in Florida and then off to the British Virgin Islands and the Leewards on a sail ship. This time I'll be gone until about the first of April, if I don't run out of money or credit before that.

I don't take my computer with me any more because the TSA has made traveling with it too hard. Also, Internet access in that part of the world is spotty at best. I will try to check my e-mail, but no promises. I see there are instructions now on how to post when traveling, but I don't know if this old dog can learn that trick.

I love Jamaica and the people are wonderful, but it is so poor. The government is ineffective, the politicians corrupt and the police are a bunch of thugs. That is no different from home but the weather and the people are warm and friendly so I can tolerate it during a Virginia Beach winter. They even have an illegal immigration problem of people from even poorer islands and places where the government is even worse, like Cuba, Venezuela and Haiti. Some of the comments about that sounded just like the ones I hear in the US.

The weather here is seasonal and many of the restaurants are closed for the winter, or the recession, or the minimum wage increase. Take your pick.

I may have some things more to post before I leave again or I may learn to post from another computer or maybe the pig could learn to fly!

LOL, Jim