Monday, November 03, 2008


Fill in the blank: Catholic, Jew, small business owner, military person, non-union worker .....

Since 2000, the democrat party has had one policy. George Bush is evil. The United States is the great Satan. Republicans are the demons of Revelation. The democrat party must destroy the capitalist system(evil Wall Street), free speech is a mistake, anyone with "too much" must give it to the government for redistribution.

Obama does not understand the Constitution. It was set up to limit government. Obama thinks that it should be modified by the courts to make it possible for the government to do everything "for the people", which is which ever group is in favor with the current administration.

Obama is a Marxist. He has already said that he will take from the ones who have too much and give it to those who need it. He is for government control of all education. He has suggested a Federal Security Force "at least as powerful as the Armed Forces". Like the Stasi?

Obama does not believe in the uniqueness of the United States and in the inherent goodness of its people. Even if he does very little to implement his more radical ideas, he only needs to do nothing to see the destruction of Israel, moderate and tolerant Islam and democracy in Latin America.

This would be the end of the republic as we have known it. Some of my friends and relatives think that is a good thing. I do not.