Tuesday, March 04, 2008


One day we decided to sail from Bitter End on Virgin Gorda to Anegada Island. Anegada is some twenty five miles out into the Atlantic from the end of the Virgins. It is the only coral island in the chain. The other islands are all volcanic and hilly as the picture of the Bitter End marina shows. It is sometimes called the "Hidden Island" or the "Drowned Island" because the island can be completely overwashed in a storm. There are only 200 permanent residents and they don't evacuate. The houses are built like fortresses and they have their own reverse osmosis water plant.
We went up on a beam reach in a gale wind with gusts to 35 knots. The charter company told us to call for permission to go there but we thought they would say no, so we didn't call. The island is very low and hard to see from low in the boat. We got up to 9 knots in that wind from that boat. When we got there, the Captain said we should tack around and sail back for awhile because we hadn't been sailing long enough. She wanted to sail some more. We vetoed that. After four hours of being beat up by the boats motion, we just wanted to get to the mooring.
There is one restaurant on the island, named "Neptune's Treasure". We promptly named it the "Restaurant at the End of the Universe". I didn't know that my friends knew of Charles Adams. We spent a very pleasant evening discussing books, philosophy, poetry and adventuring. I also had the best meal I had in the islands.
Aside from a lobster the size of a small turkey, there was family style sides, fine wines from the French Islands to the South, real bone china and silver flatware, fine crystal glasses and liqueurs for a finish. All served on a beach overlooking the open Atlantic.
It almost makes me wish I had a girl friend to share it with, but I can't wait to go back. I don't need a girl friend because I didn't do anything wrong.

Saturday, March 01, 2008


Well, it's over! I don't care what the calendar says, February is the longest month of the year. Waiting for spring can be one of the most difficult tasks of the years. This is a picture of the beach at the end of my street. In February I can have it almost all to myself. Even on the most crowded days, it doesn't compare to the New York beaches where I grew up.

When I was in school, we would call these "the Dark Ages". We didn't get out of class until 3 PM and it would be getting dark by 5. Football was over, baseball was yet to start, and with winter gales, rain snow and ice, we had problems getting any boats on the water. Exams were over in January, we didn't really get a semester break and it was months until spring break.

But now it is March. Daylight saving starts in a week, the bulbs are breaking ground and the temperatures are rising. Time to shed my winter depression and get out.

I have learned with Ed's help to put my pictures on the blog, so now I will post my vacation and other pictures with comments. Prepare to be bored.