Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I have been chided by some family members for not posting often enough, but I don't see a lot to talk about. Right now, I'm watching the Mets blow another ball game.

I don't think you all need to know my daily routine. It is not all that exciting. Grocery shopping, doing laundry and running errands. My leg is healed and I'm holding my own working in the Barnes and Noble. James is home but he hasn't been over to see us yet. It occurred to me that I haven't seen him since April, even though we live in the same city. His travels and mine have kept us apart for almost six months.

My next expedition is for the Army football game in Philly on Dec. 2. More about that later.

I will try to post something about once a week until I have something interesting to say. I am planning to go back to the Caribbean after Christmas but only for a month this time and I don't think I'll take this computer with me. Internet access is still very difficult in that part of the world and this monster is just too big and heavy to lug through airports and train stations.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


For me, this is the end of an era.

On Sunday, October 1 my Aunt Agnes passed away. She was 101 years old and even though I didn't see her as often as I wanted to in recent years, she was often on my mind. My father was the youngest of a very large family and his older sister were very close and late in my mother's life, she was my mother's closest friend. She never had any children of her own but she had dozens of nieces and nephews and kept in touch with them and their children and grand children and even great grand children. She was a mother to my cousin Pam and assisted many of us with baby sitting and help when we were sick.

She nursed many friends and relatives through major and minor illnesses and even several through the end of their lives. She was retired from the New York Telephone Company where she was an operator. That was in the days when you talked to a person when you picked up the phone and not a machine. She had many stories about those operators when the lifesaver on the line was the telephone company and not a 911 dispatcher and there was only one telephone company.

She was always "up". I never heard her complain and in the last visit I had with her in her apartment in Mount Vernon, she was full of stories and told us what great fun she had over the years. She told us of the speakeasies and parties from years ago. Somewhere there are pictures that my mother had of all my father's and mother's families taken between the wars. One of the things I have to do over the next year is to sort through all those pictures to see exactly what we have.

I am sorry that I can't go to the funeral, but after three months of traveling, I have left too many things undone here at home.

Goodbye Ag. I sure will miss you and wish I had been able to visit more often.