Friday, October 09, 2009


Nobel Peace Prize to Obama? Ho Chi Minh and Henry Kissinger were doubtful. Jimmy Carter was a brain malfunction. Al Gore was a joke. Now we know that the Nobel Prizes are totally valueless. First I saw that a prize was given to someone because there were not enough women receiving prizes in the physical sciences. Now the Prize Committee is awarding the prize in an apparent effort to influence the future policies of an American President who hasn't done anything except utter meaningless platitudes about universal peace.

Obama is the American Neville Chamberlin. He is selling out the American people just like Chamberlin sold out the peoples of Central Europe. It was politically popular with his constituency at the time but led inevitably led to war. We are bound into a wider war if current policies are not quickly reversed. There is evil in the world and Obama seems to be ready to give into it.

Now I have violated my intention to keep my politics out of this blog and guess that will never change.

Now I am going out of town again and not taking my computer. Next post in a few weeks.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


It has been almost two months since I posted in this blog. There are a variety of reasons for that. One of them is that I have been in a funk ever since I got back from Jamaica in July. I am going through a mid life crisis. At least I hope it is midlife. That means I could live to be 136. I wonder how bad my arthritis would be by that age. I need to find a new career. If anyone knows of a job that involves high pay and not much work that doesn't involve grand larceny or politics, let me know. But then I repeat myself. Another reason is that my family has gotten me onto facebook. Most of my time on the computer is devoted to face book and its offshoots but it is an interesting way to keep in touch. I have 40 friends and could have many more. It take a lot of time.

I will try to post more often when I am home and keep this blog free of political screeds.