Monday, February 26, 2007


This is the ice sculpture that was on the main buffet table at the resort in Jamaica for the New Years Eve dinner. I spent over an hour on the phone with Scot last night to learn how to post pictures on the Blog. Now I will be boring everybody with my vacation pictures.

Otherwuse I am looking at apartments to rent and tomorrow I have an appointment with a realtor to begin the process of selling this house. Next week I am going to Jacksonville, Florida to visit Kathy and her family. The last two weeks in March I will be taking the course and the exam for the masters/mates and operators license for coastal vessels. That license is a requirement to charter or lease any yacht without a crew. Where I go from there no one can predict. One step at a time.

In the meantime, anyone who wants to visit me here in Virginia Beach can go for a ride on Chesapeake Bay on one of the Freedom Boat Club boats.
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


This may sound a little strange since it is still a full month until the equinox, but yesterday the temperature was 70 degrees F and sunny in Virginia Beach. Some of the spring flowers are already in bloom. For my Canadian friends and relatives, that is 21C. We may still have another frost and the worst snows here are in late March in the Spring Nor'easters, which over the years have done more damage locally than most of the hurricanes. That is because of the way the coast lies and they stay around for days while most hurricanes blow through in about eight hours.

It took me all this time to get my e-mail back to full use and to find my custom home page. I still haven't figured out how to get my pictures on the blog or the e-mail even though I just spent all morning trying.

I just realized it's one in the afternoon and time to go out and get something done.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


First of all, I have no idea of what normal is. Nonetheless, over a week has gone by since I got home and I am finally settling into some kind of routine.

I still haven't cleaned out my e-mail and the snail mail seems to be getting ahead of me, but I have been making progress on the other things I have to do.

Today I will simply share a few politically incorrect stereotypes with you.

Heaven is where the:
Police are British
Cooks Italian
Mechanics German
Lovers French
and it is all organized by the Swiss.

Hell is where the:
Chefs are British
Mechanics French
Lovers Swiss
Police German
and it is all organized by the Italians.

If there is anyone I missed insulting, I can make up more categories for more diversity. Anyone can play.

Goodnight all!

Friday, February 02, 2007


This is the third day and it seems like the new mail is keeping up with my efforts to clean up the old mail, both e-mail and snail mail. But I will get around to it all. Many of the shipmates I had on POLYNESIA have sent e-mails and want my pictures. The digital pictures came through fine and I think there are close to 2000. I also dropped off six rolls of film today and they won't be ready until next month.

The groundhog says it will be an early spring. I sure hope so. This week is the boat show at the convention center. That will provide some diversion. I also canceled the cable TV today. I find that I just never turned on the TV and I didn't miss it. They also raised the price and didn't add any new items.

Tomorrow I will begin to try to post some of the pictures to this blog and to my e-mail. If it doesn't go well, then I will need help.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


It never snows in Virginia Beach! To greet me home from my Caribbean vacation, it did snow today. It didn't last very long and now it is raining with a forecast of cloudy, cool and rain for the rest of the week. It is not cold in the way most of my new Canadian friends would think of cold but the temperature is near freezing and that is cold here.

I forgot to mention that i saw the Green Flash in Jamaica. Fifty years on the water and I had begun to think that it was one of those old jokes like the sea bat, the bucket of steam and the left handed monkey wrench. It does require a perfectly clear horizon, which is rare in the North Atlantic.

I spent the last two days trying to clean up the month long accumulation of e-mail and snail mail. By tomorrow I should have everything urgent taken care of. I did download my camera to my computer and I have a lot of good pictures. I have to spend some time to make up a slide show and put it on disks for everyone. I will try to put some of the best pictures on the blog when I figure out how to do that.