Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Most days I wake up and after figuring out what day this is, I try to figure out what I have to do that day. Most days, that is nothing. At least when I go to bed on those days, I can have the satisfaction of having fully accomplished everything that I needed to do all day.

Today something different. Ed and I took a boat out from the Carefree Boat Club and spent a few hours on Chesapeake Bay and the Lynnhaven River. It was a beautiful day, even though cool and breezy.

In the narrows of the river we were escorted by some dolphins. This was the furthest up the river I have seen them.

The winds and seas were too strong to stay out on the bay but we had a good time in the river.

We then went to lunch at one of the local waterfront restaurants. I think I can handle retirement.

I like being out of the Bunker.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


The bunker has its advantages. I got my resupply and the weather was fine for last night's baseball game and I was able to visit with my friends but today it is raining hard, blowing a full gale and cold for May. Where is global warming when you want it? The bunker has some advantages. At least it is dry and snug and no one is around to bother me.

Next week is Memorial day weekend and the weather is forecast to improve and be more seasonal.

I think I'll take another nap and rest up for the holiday.

Love to all

Friday, May 15, 2009


After the Homeland Security Department put out the warnings on dangerous extreme right wingers, I thought it prudent to disappear from sight for a while. Spring has finally arrived and it is very hard to do the things I think of as fun, like attend the local AAA baseball games and walk on the beach, from the bunker.

So last weekend I went up to Mechanicsville to take in a Soccer game and a T-ball game and visit with the Richmond outpost. Today I need to go for supplies at the grocery store. Then tomorrow I will be going to see the Tides play ball and next week I will take a boat out on the Bay for the first time this spring if the weather stays fine.

My friends tell me that the roundups will probably not be done until after the Obama equivalent of the Reichstag fire, sometime before the next congressional election. The hyperinflation and government confiscations to destroy the middle class are already in progress.

My plans for the summer are to visit Florida for Patrick's high school graduation in early June, and then two weeks in Jamaica in July. I am also looking for some work but this is not the time to do that. Maybe I'll see if they want someone at the beach to rent out the chairs and umbrellas.

I'll write again the next time I stick my head out.