Friday, October 29, 2010


This remark is ofter attributed to Yogi Berra and he has said it, but I remember my Father telling me that when Yogi was still playing second base for the Norfolk Tars. It's an axiom of baseball.

Cheer up Rangers. Until you make that third out in the ninth inning there is always time for the dramatic comeback. On the other hand, I would like to remind Nolan Ryan that even today, I can pitch balls, look at third strikes and drop easy fly balls and I could do it for way less than a $million.

Just remember, there is always tomorrow's game and you are never racing the clock. And eventually in the words of the old Brooklyn Dodgers, "Wait until next year"

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Wow! It is over a year since I posted to this blog. Facebook has gotten me completely away from blogging. I just want to say more sometimes than will fit on that format.

To prevent this from becoming a political rant I think I will develop a theme of telling stories from my family and life. Since this is world series week, I think I will start with baseball stories.

My father was a really fanatic baseball fan and particularly of the NY Yankees. My birthday is October 2. In 1941, the Yankees were playing the then Brooklyn Dodgers in the World Series. My father took my mother to the hospital and went to the maternity waiting room. There was no radio in the waiting room. Radios were not portable in those days so as game time came around my father went home to listen to the game.

When I finally did appear about three in the afternoon, the doctor went looking for my father. He was very upset when he had to call my father at home. Dr. Costabile was a very large Italian with a very broad accent and a talent for invective which he displayed that afternoon.

Until the day he died, my mother never let my father forget that. Now even TVs are everywhere and portable and we are seeing the World Series in November. The AP wire is carrying a story that the league is discussing adding wild card teams and another playoff round and making the conference series 7 games. We could be playing baseball in New York or Boston in December. This is Progress?