Friday, July 31, 2009


The Obama's "Cash for Clunkers" is a "wild success" in that all the money is gone in less than a week. Oh really? Where has this done anyone else any good. I have already heard stories in my local that indicate that some of the Chic's Beach wise guys have worked a scam on the program. The reaction of Congress appears to be add more money.

We now have the Health Care Reform package which seems to have a provision in it that anyone with Medicare over a certain age will be required to submit to an "End of Life Review" aimed at rationing certain kinds of medical care and imposing conditions on continuing care, like weight loss, regular exercise, stop drinking and no smoking. Although I think maybe Pot and Crack would be exempted from the smoking ban.

Why stop there? At my current age near 70 and in good health, I have now become a burden on the Nation. I figure that with my military pension, social security, medical insurance other benefits and income, I figure that I cost the government annually about $100,000. I have a potential life span of 20 years. That amounts to $ 2 million. All of that would be a direct charge to the government. The taxes I would pay don't amount to that much.

Obama, Pelosi, Reid can propose a new program. They can call it "Cash for Geezers". Under the program the heirs of pensioners could deliver their older than 70 years family members to government "comfort stations" in return for a cash payment of 10% of anticipated government payments over their actuarial life expectancy. To qualify the geezers would have to be in good health and have a substantial remaining life expectancy. The government would then dispose of those useless members of society in a dignified and painless way with enormous savings to Social security and pension funds.

Of course, union members, politicians and selected individuals would be exempt from the program.

You don't think it could happen here! Take a look at the Dutch law about "Death with Dignity".