Thursday, June 11, 2009


My family is dragging me, kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Last week they got me to sign up on face book and now I have a least 50 friends and another major time waster to fill my retirement years. Maybe what I really need is a job. Does anyone know of a position that pays a lot and isn't a lot of work?

I guess with six adult children, nine grandchildren and assorted inlaws, outlaws, cousins, etc. that makes a big network. But it does make a wonderful way to keep in touch with my extended family.

So I have make a point of keeping up with this blog or it will just waste away.

Monday, June 01, 2009


It's June already and the Summer seems to be slipping by already. I am not on the beach as much as in past years, but I do try to make it at least once a day. Sunsets can be really spectacular because the Sun sets over the dust and haze of the Virginia Peninsula and turns the clouds many colors. Also, except for a few hours on weekend afternoons, there are very few people on the beach. I can be, sometimes, almost like having a private island. This area is a small peninsula east of the Amphibious base with the Bay on one side and the western section of the Lynnhaven river on the other. Any attempt to promote this area by the realtors, developers or restaurant people is resisted by the locals.

Last weekend Peggy brought her family to camp at Seashore State Park and I spent some time with them. We went to the Tides baseball game on Sunday. You can see photos on her blog. This Sat Ed came over for some burgers and we hung out for a while. Sunday I went to a cookout at James' place in outer nowhere, Va. Beach. Today he is off to Seattle to work on a ship in Bremerton for about six weeks. Tomorrow I am going to Jacksonville to visit Kathy and attend Patrick's High School graduation. How time flies! Next weekend is probably a Beach weekend.

Love to all, Dad