Monday, June 02, 2008


Now it's June and the weather has turned seasonal although the water isn't warm enough here on the beach to be comfortable, it is bearable. I don't want any nasty comments from those who live in the colder climes, like Maine and Richmond. Later this month, I'm going to Florida to visit Kathy and I think the water there is always warm enough to swim.

Peggy, Scot, Susan, James and Ed were with me at First Landing camp ground over Memorial Day weekend and we had the usual seasonal festivities at Chic's Beach to mark the start of summer.

The police were out in force on Memorial Day. There were 12 cops on our little stretch stopping people from drinking beer. Next will come the tickets for skimpy bathing suits. At least they stopped some people yesterday from operating jet skis in a reckless way. There are hundreds of square miles of bay in front of my house and these guys want to hot dog in the swimming area.

The police didn't see my neighbor popping wheelies with his golf cart Saturday night after a long evening in the Green Parrot.

I'll try to be more regular with the posts this summer.