Thursday, August 23, 2007


Not quite the end, but things are starting to wind down with plans for Labor Day parties and back to school. The day after Labor Day the beach is deserted until next spring. It is almost like someone puts a gate up at the end of Pleasure House Road that says, " Residents and guests only".

But the weather stays warm and the water is swimmable until late October most years. That's when I enjoy Chic's Beach the most. This location is also mostly sheltered from Hurricane winds. Most of the beach damage and home wind damages happen during Winter Nor'easters. In that direction we are completely exposed to the open Atlantic.

Yes, I really hate dog fighting and the criminal bully boy society that surrounds it. The cruelty and disregard for the law extends very easily to anyone outside the gangs that run the fights.

What I don't understand is why this is a major Federal case. It should be the concern of State and local police. We are currently engaged in a war for the very existence of Western civilization.
There is a worldwide criminal terrorist conspiracy and a Congress as corrupt as any in history and major elements of the FBI, the Federal Marshals Service and other Federal agencies are tied up pursuing Micheal Vick. Somebody has their priorities screwed.