Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I got home last night on time and Ed met me at the airport. Remarkably, after five weeks and a dozen places everything was on time and worked as advertised.

During tne last month I tried not to miss any opportunity to have fun. I sailed hobie cats, sunfish and even Denis Connors' STARS AND STRIPES. I swam every day and didn't miss any chance to go out snorkeling. I climed hills and walked to the top of fortresses that were much higher than I thought they were when I started out. I took hundreds or pictures that I hope will turn out OK. I played every silly game and danced at every opportunity. Near the end of my stay in Jamaica, the hotel staff threatened to throw me off the island because I was having too much fun and I might use up all the fun so there would not be any left for someone else. I told them they would need to make their own.

I was in much better physical shape than last summer and better able to keep up with the more athletic set. On the other hand I still don't consider myself to be ready to SCUBA dive and I did not do the rock wall climb or the circus trapeze or gymnastics training. I also resisted the temptation to buy a Yacht, but I was sorely tempted and came very close.

But I am back in the world and it's back to business. I think I made some friends that I will wish to keep in touch with and I already scheming on when my next trip will be. I will be in touch. You may get a Christmas card this month or you may not.

If I offended anyone by not sending them a card or a present or a call over the holidays, I apologize.