Tuesday, November 21, 2006


As I promised I am posting my plans for the next two months or so.

I'm waiting for the dryer to finish so that I can pack for the next trip, so I can publish my schedule. I have the tickets and most of the trips are already paid for. I will not be taking my computer with me on this trip. It is much too heavy to tote through all those airports and other locations and once I get outside the USA, internet access is doubtful at best.

Nov. 22 WED Drive to Peggy's in Mechanicsville for Thanksgiving
Nov. 24 FRI Return to Virginia Beach

Nov. 30 THURS Take the train to Philadelphia for Army Game weekend.
Dec. 1 FRI Sightseeing in Philadelphia
Dec. 2 SAT Watch Navy beat Army
Dec. 3 SUN Sightseeing in Philadelphia
Dec. 4 MON Return to Virginia Beach

Dec. 24 SUN Drive to Mechanicsville
Dec. 25 MON Christmas
Dec. 26 TUES Visiting
Dec. 27 WED Return to Va. Beach
Dec. 28 THURS Fly to Montego Bay, Jamaica for two weeks at a resort.
Jan. 11 THURS Return to Fort Lauderdale and then fly to St. Martin
Jan. 12 FRI Three days sightseeing in the West Indies
Jan. 14 SUN Two weeks aboard SV Polynesia in the French and Dutch Islands
Jan. 27 SAT Return to St. Martin for sightseeing and R & R.
Jan. 30 TUES Return to VABCH.
Feb. 4 SUN Back to work

I hope everything goes as planned.